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Welcome Message

Simply put, access to comprehensible input is the key to learning both music and language. As the Gloria Music Institute is based on English immersion ​​​​​​​program, we offer the best of both worlds by teaching music in English.​​​​​​​

Music is an answerless subject; therefore, the music-learning process requires vast creativity and imagination, and it’s all derived ​​​​​​​from students’ personal ​​​​​​​experiences. Almost everyone in South Korea learns piano, but almost no one can carry the musical skill ​​​​​​​for lifelong joy. This means that the childhood ​​​​​​​memory of the music-learning process was never a pleasure for many ​​​​​​​students. The music-making process is not about completing etude books nor ​​​​​​​how ​​​​​​​meticulously you can play. It is about continuously creating, practicing, ​​​​​​​flourishing, and, finally, developing one's unique personal story that can ​​​​​​​never be copied.​​​​​​​

Studying at GMI will facilitate the highest level of fulfillment in terms of achieving divergent musical career paths. Each individual has a different color ​​​​​​​in sound, and they are all beautiful and distinctive. By teaching foundational ​​​​​​​musicianship skills such as singing and audiating, theory and composition, ​​​​​​​and playing instruments alone and with others, our job is to carve the rough ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​gemstone ​​​​​​​into a shiny diamond, which will light our students’ lifelong career ​​​​​​​paths no matter which musical genre they pursue.

- CEO, Jeongmin Gloria Song

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Immersion Education

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Team-Teaching Frame

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Music Education in English
Students will acquire a skill to apply English in everyday life by learning Music in English. Also, they will improve the level of listening & speaking through imagining and describing their own interpretations during instrumental lessons.
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Professional & Private Lessons
All of our faculty members have obtained masters or doctorate degrees in music and education from overseas. We are gathered to build an educational system where students can enjoy learning musical instruments as well as developing musical knowledge.
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Team-Teaching Frame
We assign different instructors for each class (Instrumental lessons, theory classes, Instructed-practice sessions) to analyze and teach students in different perspectives, which will prevent the side-effects caused by ‘One teacher-biased’ education.
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Immersion Education

"Importance of Learning Music in English"​​​​​​​

Immersion Education

Language Proficiency
Language Proficiency
Students gain English fluency in a ​​​​​​​musical context, therefore students can develop English comprehension and literacy skills as well as acquiring and ​​​​​​​mastering techniques of music, ​​​​​​​our target subject.​​​​​​​
Speed of Learning
Speed of Learning Process​​​​​​​
Since the purpose of immersion education is to expose students to comprehensible input via native-speakers in real ​​​​​​​communication situations, this will accelerate students learning process​​​​​​​.
Students can apply their personal interpretations toward music in both languages under natural and informal way of ​​​​​​​instruction​​​​​​​.