Gloria Music Institute

Holding Music as a Lifelong Asset


Music Education in English

Gloria Music Institute was established to help young musicians to enjoy music and develop their potential in an English immersion education structure.
Our core strength is a coherent music curriculum, one-on-one lesson with the elite faculty members, and a creative approach in teaching process.

immersion education

Immersion Education

professional instructors

Professional Intructors

imersion education

Team-Teaching Frame


Courses are designed to offer a broader musical experience for the students.

Pioneer Course
For the students starting musical training for the first time or with some instrumental experiences
Adventurer Course
For the students with a substantial amount of musical background: both instrumental and theoretic aspects
Certificates Course
Preparing music certificates overseas: ABRSM, TRINITY etc.
Young Professional Course
Majoring in music, already enrolled in music schools worldwide, preparing placement exam for universities or college-level music theory courses


Levels are structured for offering more customized classes for the students

Students who enrolled the musical institute for the first time and need to be taught under the step-by-step instructions from designated teacher
Exposed to private lesson system, knows how to read notes/understands the articulations and the functions of it. Also, trained for self-guided practice methods
Students prepare entry exams for music middle/high school, special degree/certificate, national/international competitions and recitals. Helps to access ABRSM test, major competitions, summer music camps etc.
Young Professionals
Students who have chosen musical training as a lifelong career: preparing study-abroad program, placement exams and college-level music theory studies (U.S, U.K, Germany etc.)


Inside GMI

Using premium piano brands: Steinway, Yamaha, kawai
GMI offers a comfortable home-like atmosphere full of classical music with a resting place for students and parents

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Chungdam, Headquater

address 38, Hakdong-ro 97-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

telephone 82-2-547-5236

e-mail gloria.song@gloriamusic.org

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